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Having a criminal record can really set you back in life and prevent you from some of the most important things needed to live such as getting a job. If you’ve been punished for a misdemeanor, make sure to contact an experienced Sacramento criminal defense lawyer for help.

By definition, there are three types of crimes in California: felonies, misdemeanors and infractions.

  • Standard misdemeanors such as petty theft or being drunk in public is punishable by a maximum six-month county jail sentence and a $1,000 fine.
  • More serious offenses are called aggravated misdemeanors and have a harsher penalty. Examples of such are DUI’s, assault and driving with a suspended license.

California also requires a probation sentence that you must adhere to in order to avoid going to jail or returning to jail. This period count include community service, house arrest and treatment programs.

If you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor, keep in mind there is a chance to remove it from your criminal record. This type of process is called expungement and it requires the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer.

There are three steps to the petition.

  1. The first is reopening a criminal case,
  2. the second is getting the conviction dismissed
  3. and the third is getting the court to close the case.

Keep in mind, if you get a misdemeanor expunged in California, the arrest and charges will still exist. Also, there is no way to overturn a driver’s license revocation that you received for a DUI offense. Your expungement petition must be filed in the county where you were convicted and the court filing fee usually costs anywhere from $60 to $120. If you cannot afford it, you can request a fee waiver.

If you want to get a misdemeanor expunged you have to show that you complied fully with the court’s sentence and are not currently serving another sentence. Contact a Sacramento criminal attorney to see if your case can be expunged.


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