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Excellent law firm!

Excellent law firm! My husband was charged with 3 felonies and looking at a potential term of 12 years. He had a previous record with a strike. My husband’s past record was ugly and we were real worried. Our attorney, Erica Graves, used everything possible and negotiated a 5 year term. She also used her experience and knowledge of the legal system to create a plan to reduce that term even more. He will now be home in 3 years!

Erica listened to our concerns and empathized with our personal challenges. She maintained consistent communication and we always felt that we were part of a team. When my terminally ill mother-in-law desired to attend her son’s sentencing, Erica coordinated the court date with us so she could attend and it meant the world to us.

She provided aggressive representation and never sugar-coated anything, and let me mention she did all this while pregnant and wearing heels! Beauty and brains. We definitely recommend her and the Law Office of Wing & Parisi.

– M. P.
Sacramento, CA

These people are very pleasurable to work with!!

I had a criminal case brought against me for “riding my bike while intoxicated”, so they said – although I was sitting on a curb when the cops approached me.

Although I did not have anyone represent me, George at Wing & Parisi gave a great consultation and gave me great peace of mind before going into the court that day.

My case was actually rejected by the courts as they did not agree with the arrest.

I want to thank George for being so awesome towards me that day during our consult. These people are very pleasurable to work with!! 5 STARS

Best Attorney!!

I called her in desperation of help with a family member. She met with me right away and kept me informed and ended up getting everything dismissed! She is very intelligent and such a sweet, warm hearted individual. Would definitely recommend.

Great Lawyer!

Best criminal defense attorney. Due to her knowledge and hard work and good relationship with the district attorney’s office she was able to get me a great deal. I truly believe no other lawyer could have done what she was able to do.

She Did A Great Job For Me!

I called her office on a Saturday morning and within 4 hours she called mr back. She agreed to defend me on a felony weapons charge and subsequently convinced the Alameda County DA from pressing charges. She emailed me every single day, or so it seemed and never once seemed irritated by my questions. Two thumbs up!

Call Sacramento criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Wing & Parisi at (916) 441-4888.

Getting arrested arrested and charged with a crime can alter your life in many different ways. When you have been charged with a crime, choose a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer with the experience and dedication to make a difference.

Call (916) 441-4888 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. With our office conveniently located in Sacramento, California, the Law Office of Wing & Parisi stands ready to represent you in your criminal matter. We appear in state and federal courts in the Sacramento and Davis communities as well as throughout Placer and San Joaquin counties.


If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, contact criminal lawyer in Sacramento at the Law Office of Wing & Parisi for free consultation.