Sacramento Criminal Attorney Talks About Marijuana Related Convictions After Proposition 64

What does Proposition 64 mean for individuals with Marijuana-related convictions?

The passage of Proposition 64 was a watershed moment for the state of California and will have far reaching effects on all the State’s residents. A lesser known aspect of the new law is that it has been imposed retroactively – this has incredible implications for individuals with prior cannabis related convictions.

I have a cannabis related conviction, what does this mean for me?

The law enables individuals with convictions for activities that were previously illegal, but now deemed legal by the new law, to petition courts to have their convictions overturned. This means that individuals convicted of marijuana related crimes have the potential to be released from prison and have their records changed or cleared. It is estimated that there are over one million Californians who have been convicted of cannabis-related misdemeanors or felonies who will have the potential to petition to have their records cleared under the new law.

What could having my record cleared mean for me?

A marijuana-related conviction has detrimental effects on your life outside the obvious fines and/or jail time and includes the creation of a criminal record. Criminal records can be accessed by a wide range of government agencies and businesses in certain circumstances and a conviction can affect your current and future employment, ability to qualify for loans and/or business licensing, and even your personal relationships. These are all very important aspects of an individuals life and for those of you with a marijuana-related conviction in the State of California, you need not worry any longer!

How do I petition the courts to have my record cleared and/or changed?

The attorneys at Wing and Parisi have a deep specialization in marijuana-related criminal cases and already have a process developed to receive and process petitions for removal and /or changing of prior marijuana-related convictions. Given the infancy of the new law and the unique situation of your cannabis conviction, it is imperative that you trust the handling of your petition with the experienced lawyers at Wing and Parisi.

I have a very serious cannabis sales and production related conviction, are you still able to help me?

The new law does not decriminalize all aspects of the cannabis industry, and therefor will not affect all convictions retroactively. For example, an individual with a prior conviction for the illegal sale of marijuana will have a more difficult time clearing their record because the sale of cannabis without a permit is still deemed illegal under the new law. The infantile state of the new law and the many intricacies and complexities associated with it highlight the need for an individual to ensure they secure proper representation during this process. The experienced attorneys at Wing and Parisi have anticipated this, and many other grey areas in the new law, and have developed an approach to counter and ensure our clients the greatest possible outcome.

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