There are three types of juvenile cases that a minor can be involved in: status offenses, delinquency offenses and juveniles being tried as an adult. As a parent, it is frightening when your child gets in trouble so if you find yourself in this situation, make sure to consult an experienced attorney who can explain everything to you.

Status offenses are acts that would be legal if committed by an adult such as violating curfew or purchasing alcohol before the age of 21. Delinquency offenses are acts that would be a crime regardless of the age the person committed it.

These charges are very similar to that of adults cases but if the defendant is found guilty, the case will proceed to a disposition hearing for determination of a sentence. Usually, sentences in juvenile cases involve serving time in juvenile hall, as well as fines but in most cases, the court will hold the parents liable to pay the fines.

Before a juvenile can be tried as an adult, the court must make a determination of his or her fitness to stand trial as an adult. The court will typically look at the gravity of the offense and the circumstance of the case, the minor’s degree of criminal sophistication, whether rehabilitation could be achieved prior to the expiration of the juvenile court’s jurisdiction, history of delinquency and whether past attempts at rehabilitating the minor by the juvenile court have been effective when determining whether a juvenile can be charged as an adult. California law permits a juvenile over the age of 16 to be tried as an adult under the court’s discretion.

A juvenile between the age of 14-16 can only be tried as an adult for serious violent or sex-related crimes. Unlike adult offenders, the punishment and penalties for juvenile crimes are intended to correct the behavior of the offender and teach them to be productive members of society. Such punishments can include fines, community service, probation, restitution, time in a correctional facility, placement in a foster home and/or training programs. If your child committed a crime, make sure to speak with an attorney who can help you understand your options.


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