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Sacramento Marijuana Attorney Discusses Municipal and State Regulations Regarding Marijuana Cultivation

I think it’s safe to say that everyone now understands there is a big difference between federal and state regulations regarding the marijuana industry. Currently, cannabis is labeled a schedule 1 narcotic by the federal government, putting it in the same category as cocaine and heroin. But in California, cannabis was recently legalized for recreational use and an industry will soon be built around the cultivation and distribution of marijuana. The state government has a regulatory body they use for medical cannabis regulation in place, called the Bureau of Medical Cannabis, and this organization will be expanded and used to regulate the retail marijuana industry as well.

State Cultivation Regulations

As the regulatory body is formed, more information will be made available to the public, but for now, there is still a wealth of helpful information out there for prospective cannabis entrepreneurs. The passage of Proposition 64 made it legal for individuals to cultivate their own marijuana at home. If you are over 21, you are allowed grow up to 6 plants per residence in up to 100 square feet of growing space. This can be done inside or outside, but only as long as it does not cause a safety hazard or nuisance. Essentially what this means, is that your neighbors cant see, smell, or be made to feel unsafe by your cultivation plot. The law is vague and the opportunities for people to attempt to take away your right to grow are there, so you need to make sure you mitigate the impact on your neighbors. These are only the CA state regulations however, and your municipality may impose additional regulations on the cultivation of marijuana at your home, or as a commercial enterprise!

Municipal Regulations

Proposition 64 left a lot of room for local governments to regulate marijuana on their own. Any municipality can ban outdoor cultivation, and many already have. Local governments have generally been utilizing local nuisance ordinances to restrict the cultivation of marijuana. If your activity on your land causes a reasonable nuisance to your neighbors and it can be prevented or corrected, then you will likely receive a visit from your local code inspector. The code inspector can require that you let them in to investigate the nuisance and you will be fined if you do not. The inspector will then give you a list of corrections to be made, and if those corrections are not made, you will be fined until they are.

Are you a Marijuana Entrepreneur?

The industry is just beginning to take off and the Medical Cannabis Bureau will soon be accepting applications for those brave entrepreneurs who are entering this exciting new market. You had better believe there will be a flood of people applying for marijuana cultivation and distribution licenses, and those individuals with the right information and a head-start will be the ones who succeed. Let our Sacramento marijuana attorney help you get started! Our California marijuana consultant has deep experience in the medical cannabis industry in CA and has all the information available on the new recreational market. Call our Sacramento cannabis attorney today and lets get started making you an integral part of the next great industry!

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