On November 4, 2014, California voters passed Prop 47 by nearly 60%, which redefined some nonviolent offenses as misdemeanors, rather than felonies as they had previously been charged. Because of this, it has released 2,700 inmates after their felonies were reduced to misdemeanors, which although has resolved one of the state’s problems of prison overcrowding, many, including law enforcement officials, argue that it has increased crime as citizens are now given a slap on the wrist instead of actual punishment.

In San Francisco for example, burglaries are up 20%, larceny and theft are up 40% and auto theft is up more than 55%. The measure requires misdemeanor sentencing instead of felony for the following crimes:

  • Shoplifting, where the value of property stolen does not exceed $950
  • Grand theft, where the value of the stolen property does not exceed $950
  • Receiving stolen property, where the value does not exceed $950
  • Forgery, where the value does not exceed $950
  • Fraud, where the value does not exceed $950
  • Writing a bad check where the value does not exceed $950
  • Personal use of most illegal drugs

About 40,000 people a year are convicted of those crimes listed above. It also means, under this proposition, that as many as 10,000 inmates, including ones with dangerous criminal histories like carjacking and kidnapping could be re-sentenced. Although Prop 47 will relieve prisons, it will place a heavier burden on local jails, probation offices and prosecutors. In any circumstance, the aftermath could vary and result in dire situations.


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