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According to the California Department of Justice, in 2012, there were 232,455 burglary crimes committed in California.

Criminal Lawyer SacramentoBurglary is defined as entering a building or a locked car for example, with the intent to commit a felony inside the building or car. A person does not need to successfully commit the burglary to be apprehended and charged. A prerequisite for this charge is the intent to commit a felony inside the building at the time of entering.

The most common type of intent is to commit theft. For example, say you entered a shopping mall with the intent to take property that does not belong to you. And you did so at Macy’s, but mall security apprehended you. They then search you and discovered a t-shirt and a pair of jeans that did not belong to you. Feeling extremely remorseful, you admitted that you intended to take these items unlawfully before entering the shopping mall. In this case, you will not be charged with petty theft for the crime because you have committed a felony burglary. Your intent from the onset determines the crime classification, charge and penalty.

Burglary is a felony. The penalties for felony burglary vary though they are usually stiff. Sentencing is determined on a case-by-case basis. It is possible for the defendant to escape jail time completely. But the defendant cannot avoid probation, fines, and a felony on record. Further, it is equally possible for an individual to spend a few months to a few years in jail or prison. In California, the punishments for burglary charges are very serious. We recommend that you do not speak with anyone regarding your case until you speak to an experienced attorney. Discussing the case with anyone else, may lead you to divulge information that may be taken out of context resulting in a stronger case against you.

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