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Domestic Violence is a general term for an assault and battery that occurs against a current or former spouse, a present spouse of a former spouse, persons in a dating relationship, roommates, parents, a foster parent, a child, or a person otherwise related by blood or marriage.

PENAL CODE SECTION 13700(a) states, “Abuse” means intentionally or recklessly causing or attempting to cause bodily injury, or placing another person in reasonable apprehension of imminent serious bodily injury to himself or herself, or another. (b) “Domestic violence” means abuse committed against an adult or a minor who is a spouse, former spouse, cohabitant, former cohabitant, or person with whom the suspect has had a child or is having or has had a dating or engagement relationship.

Domestic Violence allegations can be charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor. Usually this is determined by the severity of the crime.

Crimes involving strangulation, broken bones, prolonged loss of consciousness, or severe cuts will usually be charged as felonies. Cases involving no injuries or slight injuries will usually be charged as misdemeanors. Domestic Violence cases are unlike any other criminal charge. Often times these accusations stem from estranged ex-spouses seeking custody of minor children or significant others after a relationship ends badly. Many times these accusations case be proved to be false or exaggerated resulting in charges being reduced or dismissed.

Penalties for a crime of this nature include the following:


  • Brief jail sentence (0 to 1 year in County jail)
  • Counseling (anger management and/or domestic intervention program)
  • Community service hours
  • Various fines and/or Charitable Donations
  • Stay-Away Order from the victim


  • Jail time (time can range from 1 day in the County Jail to multiple years in California State Prison)
  • Counseling (anger management and/or domestic intervention program)
  • Community Service Hours
  • Various fines and/or Charitable Donations
  • Stay-Away Order from the victim

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