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Attempted Murder

Attempted murder is the unsuccessful act of killing a person or fetus. The criminal charge of attempted murder is very serious with very serious penalties. It is highly recommended for the accused to speak with an experienced Sacramento County criminal defense attorney as early as possible.

In order to be convicted with this crime, the criminal prosecutor must prove that two elements of the crime were satisfied:

  1. You must have taken a direct step towards killing another person; and
  2. You must have acted with the intent to kill a person.

A direct step is more than merely planning, preparing, or arranging the murder. A direct step is the next step of putting the plan into action, so that, the murder would have occurred if an outside component or influence did not interrupt the attempt. For example, a direct step may consist of using a weapon against another and inflicting serious wounds into someones chest or head. A direct step also includes soliciting and paying someone to kill another person.

The criminal prosecutor must also prove criterion two, intent. It is not enough that you intended to severely cause bodily harm to another person. You must have acted with the intent to kill the victim. For example, if you stabbed a person in the chest several times, you most likely intended to kill the victim and thus, satisfied criterion two. However, stabbing a person in the arm does not satisfy criterion two and thus, it is likely you will be convicted of attempted murder.

California law mandates that if the crime attempted is willful, deliberate, and premeditated murder, as defined in Section 189, the person guilty of that attempt shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for life with the possibility of parole. The exact penalty upon conviction depends on a variety of factors; some of which are: prior criminal record, the harm suffered by the victim, and the circumstances of the case.

Being charged with attempted murder is intimidating and frightening. A conviction means that you may spend a substantial part of your life or even the rest of your life in prison. It is of utmost importance that you speak with an experienced Sacramento County criminal defense attorney as early as possible. An experienced criminal defense attorney can make all the difference. Call our office today and speak to a reputable Sacramento County criminal defense lawyer about your case. We will evaluate the strength and weakness of evidence against you, will help you pursue the best possible option for your case, and answer your questions and concerns. The initial consolations is free.

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