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First, Second, and Third DUI’s are considered misdemeanors. However, if there has been an accident caused by a person’s drinking, the penalty is automatically converted into a felony. As is with most cases, the consequences depend on the circumstances and the level of injuries and property damage. The penalties follow the general outline misdemeanor penalties, but are significantly worse. In most states, any person involved in a DUI accident that results in death can be charged with vehicular manslaughter. If this is the case, the driver can face a long-term prison sentence.

If no other person was injured, then the drunk driver will spend some time in the “drunk tank” until he or she regains sobriety. Then, he or she may be released on bail until the trial date. If injuries are involved, the driver will not be eligible for bail. The suspect must remain in police custody to wait for the trial date. During the trial, the suspect will be charged with some form of criminal negligence or involuntary vehicular manslaughter. He or she may also be sued by the injured people or their families for medical bills and emotional damages.

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