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For the last decade, cases involving immigration, drugs, and firearms have been the most common federal crimes and Class A misdemeanors. The federal sentencing guidelines for drug trafficking impose stiff penalties for people convicted of federal drug trafficking crimes.

ederal crimes defense attorney sacramento caMost people envision international drug smugglers when they hear the term drug trafficking, but the federal government sees it very differently. For example, people found in possession of an illegal drug can be convicted of a drug trafficking crimes because of the amount of drugs in their possession.

The federal statutes define the term trafficking as manufacturing, distributing, dispersing, or possessing with the intent to manufacture, distribute or dispense any amount of a prohibited drug. Thus, many people who believe they can be charged with simple possession can in fact be charged with trafficking by the federal government. Generally, drug trafficking offenses are triggered when you are found in possession of more than a specific amount of a prohibited substance (for example, 100 or more grams of heroin, 500 or more grams of cocaine, or 5 or more grams of crack cocaine).

The federal sentencing guideline includes both a minimum and a maximum sentencing amount for those convicted of a drug trafficking crime. For instance, a minimum sentencing amount may represent five years in state prison for those convicted, a stark contrast of a maximum 40-year sentence in state prison for those convicted of a drug trafficking crime. In practice, when determining the sentence, the federal court will likely take into consideration certain factors including but not limited to:

  • Your criminal record (past convictions);
  • Whether someone was injured or killing in the commission of the crime;
  • The geographic location (did the crime occur near a school zone?); and
  • The amount of the specific illegal substance.

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