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Even though California is often viewed as a more liberal state (especially in regards to medical marijuana) that does not apply to most California drug possession laws. The most common drug charge is possession of a controlled substance; generally, controlled means that the use and distribution of the drug is governed by law.

Drug Charges Defense Lawyer Sacramento CACalifornia Health and Safety Code Sections 11350-11356.5 outline some drug possession laws and the penalty accompanying the violation. Generally, your specific charge is determined by:

  • Drug type;
  • Amount; and
  • Geographic area (for example, distributing drugs near a school carries a higher penalty)

If you have been charged with possession, the government ( district attorney) must satisfy and prove a set of criteria to reach a guilty of possession conviction. Including:

  • You possessed the drug without a valid prescription
  • You knowingly and intentionally possessed a controlled substance
  • In a quantity sufficient for personal use or sale.

A possession charge can be based on actual or constructive possession. Actual possession means the controlled substance was in your actual possession and you were aware of it. In contrast, constructive possession means that even if you did not have the drug in your immediate possession (for example, your pocket) a possession charge is still possible, as long as you had access and control over the place where the drugs were found. Thus, if illegal drugs are found in your car during a traffic stop, you can be charged and sent to jail (even if you where unaware of the fact) for the violation.

Unfortunately, many people are falsely arrested and charged with possession or intent to distribute. A conviction for simple possession may result in damaging your record, jail time and fines. A conviction of intent to distribute carries penalties and charges that are much more damaging and may very well result in a prison sentence.

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